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Entrenched in his apartment, Coyote has finished recording the last flutes on the album. For the past month, Coyote, a.k.a. Richard Del Connor, or Buddha Zhen, has been MIXING down the album, LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1.

This is the 4th LEVEL of Zen Buddhism and the 4th album by American Zen that details this spiritual journey.

Follow Coyote's travels at his current website,

He'll back here, after the album is done to record some music videos for this new album titled, KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE.

Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1 will tell the story of King Solomon constructing his Temple in Jerusulem.

Coyote determination

Folk Rock Troubadour in Tujunga


at Mountair
in Tujunga, California
October 30, 2009.

The Hippy Coyote of American Zen performs, "Kill The Spider."
Coyote Live, performing KILL THE SPIDER
Solo Coyote

Visit for a free song. (February = "Kill The Spider" rough mix from LEVEL 4 album)

I've been carrying my flute tied to my belt, like a revolver in a holster, since 1977.
I've been crashing parties, sitting in on jams and gigs, and crashing parties...with my flute.
It's one of the easiest instruments to carry around.
Check out these songs I cut, Christmas 2008, in Montrose, California, in a neighbor's garage.

  "Great Salt Lake"

Coyote performing SOLO FLUTEThis is the first song on our LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER album by American Zen.

I hope Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull likes this. He's been a role model for me since 1967 when I saw him as the opening act for Led Zepellin in the San Diego Sports Arena. Wow! What a concert.


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